Monday, August 30, 2010

New Delhi 28/8-10 23.00

What a city! There’s much of everything, people, smells, cars, horns, dogs and sounds! It’s hot, moisture and dusty, were sweating all day long, the air conditioning (AC) in the different places gives us poor Dutch/Norwegians some cooling down. Had a guide today that told us that he was in Copenhagen once in the summer with nice weather, for him it was a cold vacation with 25 degrees!!

Yesterday we arrived here at Shivish hotel in the night local time. We gat picked up at the airport, this was included in our starting package from Kilroy. One city tour, pickup from airport and two nights at this hotel. From tomorrow we will travel outside Delhi. The flight was very very nice, we had personal TV screens, nice Indian food and good service. We are flying with Jet airways almost our whole trip, to Bali and back. So this was a good start
The hotel lays in an area with lots of hotels, it’s in the old part of Delhi and its still a dirty and chaotic area, but from what we have seen today probably whole Delhi is. They are renovating the streets here, so probably it will look better and be less holes in the road in the future.

Today we have had our city tour with a private driver and a guide. Lots of the city and the spots to see we viewed from the car while the guide was telling about the history. It’s nice to see that this culture is so open towards religion, all kind of temples are practically speaking laying next to each other. The Sikhs, Muslims and Hindu people are living peacefully in the same city and also among each other. The guide took us to a place to have lunch, a relatively expensive place we found out, but the food was really nice! We have seen a few temples from close by. On our bear feet, most places it’s not allowed to take pictures. At the Bahapur temple we have some nice pictures from outside. This was really magnificent architecture and a beautiful temple shaped as a lotus flower. It’s build for all people, no matter colour, race, nationality, language or religion. People come there to find peace, meditation and prayer. Inside you can sit and just be quite, it was a really nice experience, we could come here more often. It’s a way of thinking towards religion that speaks to us very much. The karma philosophy and respect is clearly very important to people here, WE LOVE IT! Delhi although is touristic so we look forward to travel and experience more of India.

Tonight we have made our travelling plan for the coming 12 days in India. Tomorrow we are leaving Delhi towards Pushkar in Rajastan and after that to Jaipur also in Rajastan. From Jaipur we are travelling to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal witch excites us From Agra we will take a train to Haridwar, from there Rishikesh is our goal, this place we heard so much about and only positive things, so here we will stay for 3 days and learn yoga;-) The last night we will sleep in Delhi again and then we are flying to Singapore and Bali.


ps. photo's did not work out this time

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Gooood morning!
Sitting @ Brussel airport waiting for departure:-) We are EXCITED!!!! :-)
Have a nice day!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ready for takeoff

On our way to the trip of our life’s...maybe. Living in another culture almost a whole year! What is this year going to be like? What is it going to bring us, individually and as a couple? I wonder this last days...when did we really decide this, this last 1 1/2 year we have been planning this trip and searching for possibilities to make it happen. Rino gat his internship on Bali and I was still searching for something to do and for options to get a visa to stay for a year. Suddenly now we are sitting in the camper of Els&Loek, Rino's parents (they are bringing us to Brussel were our flight is leaving tomorrow morning) and on our way to Bali, the paradise island;-)

First we are flying to New Delhi, India. Staying there for 2 weeks. Tomorrow we will be picked up at the airport and we have a hostel for the first 2 nights. This is a perfect opportunity given by Kilroy. These 2 days we are going to make a plan for our travel in India for the next 11 days:-) Of course we will try to update here once or twice on the way.

10th of September we are flying to Singapore and 11th of September we will fly from Singapore and arrive at our final destination Bali. We have to find ourselves a house and settle down☺ I will visit and get to know Sjakitarius the foundation I will volunteer for, witch is located in Ubud. Rino will after a couple of days start his internship at his hotel Lots to look forward to and we are more than excited about everything, India, travelling together, going away for a year, cultures, Bali, Indonesia, internship, going on a scooter through the landscape and traffic of Bali, driving left, our house and garden…. ;-) the sea, the waves, the sunsets… You name it, I could go on for ever. We just have to experience it and we will keep you posted! ☺