Friday, August 27, 2010

Ready for takeoff

On our way to the trip of our life’s...maybe. Living in another culture almost a whole year! What is this year going to be like? What is it going to bring us, individually and as a couple? I wonder this last days...when did we really decide this, this last 1 1/2 year we have been planning this trip and searching for possibilities to make it happen. Rino gat his internship on Bali and I was still searching for something to do and for options to get a visa to stay for a year. Suddenly now we are sitting in the camper of Els&Loek, Rino's parents (they are bringing us to Brussel were our flight is leaving tomorrow morning) and on our way to Bali, the paradise island;-)

First we are flying to New Delhi, India. Staying there for 2 weeks. Tomorrow we will be picked up at the airport and we have a hostel for the first 2 nights. This is a perfect opportunity given by Kilroy. These 2 days we are going to make a plan for our travel in India for the next 11 days:-) Of course we will try to update here once or twice on the way.

10th of September we are flying to Singapore and 11th of September we will fly from Singapore and arrive at our final destination Bali. We have to find ourselves a house and settle down☺ I will visit and get to know Sjakitarius the foundation I will volunteer for, witch is located in Ubud. Rino will after a couple of days start his internship at his hotel Lots to look forward to and we are more than excited about everything, India, travelling together, going away for a year, cultures, Bali, Indonesia, internship, going on a scooter through the landscape and traffic of Bali, driving left, our house and garden…. ;-) the sea, the waves, the sunsets… You name it, I could go on for ever. We just have to experience it and we will keep you posted! ☺


  1. Hoi jullie 2,
    We hebben geskyped een paar uur terug en nu ik weert huis ben, heb ik gelijk jullie blog ook gelezen. Wat een belevenis ver weg maar ook wel weer dichtbij door de techniek van tegenwoordig. Veel plezier de komende weken in Indië.
    Liefs, Els

  2. Hoi,

    Jullie belevenissen weer gelezen. Hoe is het eten daar, wat eten jullie zoal? Hier niets bijzonders. Loek gaat vanavond voor het laatst beach training geven. Kijken jullie nog even op marktplaats?

    Liefs, Els