Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Legian, September 15, 22.30

Bali, we are here! J This is already our 4th day, it goes fast at the moment. We are staying in Pelasa Hotel in Legian, a district in the north of Kuta. Rino’s hotel is in Seminyak, the next district north of Legian. Monday he had an introduction meeting, we were both meeting the management team and Rino gat an idea of what is expected of him. Monday (20th) he will start, Monday-Friday, mostly 9-18, depending on the division. So it’s exciting how it’s going to be! It is a big and good-looking hotel next to the beach and the management made a good first impression.

This first week we are fixing as much as we can and enjoy our days off here before Rino starts his internship. Unfortunately Iris gat injured already on Monday…surfing can be dangerous, haha. We took our first surf lesson down at the beach here and jumping of the board (FIRST time standing) she gat the toes under the foot in very ground water. AU AU! Impossible to walk on and the foot got blue and swollen. Luckily nothing is broken. She gets a massage every day here in the hotel, they say it is good and we trust them…..but the massage hurts like hell!!! But then again it is actually getting better, today she can stand on it again and walk very slowly. Don't know if maybe time without the massage had done the same… Rino surfed that whole day, and it’s actually simpler to learn the basics then we had thought, so this will for sure be our main activity here in the beginning.

Yesterday we rented a scooter each, a real must have on Bali, and it’s the easiest way to get around the island. It is also essential for Iris who has to go to Ubud, 30 km away. Today we drove around the area, we have to get used to the traffic here, that's for sure! Driving left, busy roads and less structure and regulations than in Europe. But lucky for us we had been travelling in India were we got used to driving left and a LOT more chaos and crazy driving then we have seen here, so we actually are feeling pretty safe.

We are searching for a house every day, already engaged a lot of people to help us find or to let us know if they know something. Most people here are very willing to help. The problem so far is that it is surprisingly expensive for houses in this area. Tomorrow we are going to look to 3 different houses, hope one of them will suit us.

Until next time ;-)


  1. klinkt goed lieve schatten! wanneer komen de foto's van jullie als surfdude en -chick?? ;)

  2. nou, ik ben benieuwd wat jullie vinden - iets zal het moeten worden deze week ! Is het mogelijk dat jullie iets tussen Ubud en Kuta in vinden , dan is het wat korter voor Iris om naar Ubud te komen ? In ieder geval sukses ermee ! Ik weet niet helemaal waarom die brief uit Nederland a.g. je autorisatie belangrijk was (?), Els zou hem vandaag opsturen en die komt dan denk ik morgen hier aan. Maar...... je AUTORISATIE kwam hier in de post vandaag : "In accordance with the Act on Health Personnel of 2nd july 1999 No.64, Section 53, cf Section 48, the Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel certifies that the person mentioned above is authorised as general nurse".
    Statens autorisasjonskontor for helsepersonnel,
    Oslo, 13.september 2010.
    En sterkte met alles ! liefs van mij