Sunday, October 10, 2010

Honeymoonface ;-)

How easy or how fast does a person adapt and get used to a new culture, new habits and routines? Of course very individually I guess. Now after 3 weeks we are sleeping without AC (supposed to be better for you..), we drink room-tempered water and we drive on the left side of the road on our scooters like we never did anything else. We for sure still are tourists and we very much still are spoiled western kids, but settling down and getting used so far is easier and faster then I had expected. But according to the faces of the typical culture shock we are still in the “honeymoonface”…. So maybe the shock has still to come ;-) Finally our body’s are at least accepting the climate a bit, so that’s good, the mosquito’s are eating me alive and Rino almost not at all, but hey that was no surprise, so I am (almost) not complaining ;-)

This week we had our first taste of what our daily life probably is going to be like the next months. I was going to Sjaki-tari-us 3 days and Rino worked off course. It’s okay to go to Ubud with the scooter, but I got really tired of the roads I’m driving right now. It’s far too much traffic and old, stinky trucks with too much exhaust. I know from locals at the foundation that there are much nicer routes on smaller roads and less traffic and more rice fields, sounds nice J But the road signing here is not always there and roads often have different names, so you can not always trust what the map tells you. But I think I will give it a chance next week. Otherwise I will be totally poisoned by pollution before I leave Bali. The driving itself goes really good, I and we both are totally used to the way they drive here. Use the horn to tell people in front of you that you pass, stay left when you are not passing others, use every centimetre and pass cars on both sides when you can when cars standstill ;-) and be aware of those passing you! And don't ever think you blend in, even with a covering helmet and sunglasses, everybody stares when I stop for red light, they always think its funny with a white person on a scooter I guess.

The weekends are our sacred time together, and we are going to try to go away on trips every other weekend and stay home the other weekend, go to the beach here, surf and relax. Last weekend we went to Lovina in north Bali and this weekend we stayed home. At the moment we are really enjoying slow days at the beach, surf and read our books :-) Tomorrow we have to work again. Rino’s surfing skills are improving and he is getting better. I tried again today for the first time since the accident with my foot. It actually went really well, I am able to stand on the board and ride a small wave for some seconds…. Haha so we are getting there ;-)

My foot is now almost good again, I walk normal and I have no real pain, but still have one spot that hurts once in a while, so probably there is still something inside that needs patience…witch is hard, because I am tired of it now. Want to explore the neighbourhood, we already are. Walking sometimes instead of always taking the scooter.

Every night we still try to find a new Warung or restaurant to have our dinner. There are so many nice and cheap places so we probably still will try out new once for a while. Off course already found some favourites were we for sure will be frequent guests.

Pictures on this blog is a problem for us, we can upload about 5 pictures, but it is not easy and it seems like more then 5 is not possible… We appreciate tips from somebody of you who maybe knows more about and tips and tricks about it. Meanwhile we have pictures on our facebook accounts for those who have that.

I and we both will try to keep up the blog a little more frequently, now I want to write about 10 things in once ;-) Have a good Sunday everyone :-) And good night from Seminyak :-)

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  1. About your picture problem... I also use, but I never had problems. If you go to create new post and then in the window you have a kind of toolbar on top. There you can go to the little picture symbol called "insert picture". And there you can choose if you want to upload a picture or insert one from your picasa album or whatever...It should work like that... ;)