Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hotel Fromeyn

Our Fromeyn Adventures Hotel here in our house in Bali is almost fully booked :-) In the past few weeks a lot of visits have been confirmed and now we are almost “fully booked” until the end of our time here on Bali. We are happy to know so many of our friends take the opportunity to come to Bali and explore this wonderful island together with us. In 3 weeks we will welcome Iris’ brother Anders, together with Tonje and Aina who come over from Australia for a weekend. Aina and Tonje were here in December as well and are returning together with Iris brother, he visits Aina and Tonje in Perth, they live and study in Australia since a few weeks.

Further we will welcome Mailiss and Erling from Norway for two weeks in April to be followed directly by Sarah who gave this trip to Bali as her graduation gift to herself, congrats to Sarah. After Sarah’s 3 weeks visit we will have the house alone for 10 days until Iris’ research buddies Anneloes and Marloes will come from the Netherlands for a 2 week visit. So the award winning team will be reunited one year after their victory to spend the price money they won, again and again :-)

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