Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bali bye bye!

Ngurah Rai Airport 1/7/11 18.00

So we are sitting on the airport waiting for our flight, the end is here our 10-months on Bali are over. The questions are “do we look forward to our travels? Do we look forward to go home after such long time?” Well, we are not really looking forward. Wow, 10 months passed so quickly everybody says, luckily for us this doesn’t feel this way. We have experienced our time here on Bali very intensively; it feels like three years ago that we arrived. Especially the last couple of months have been so good for us, we had a lot of friends over for visits and the weather was so great, Bali really showed itself from the most beautiful side.

So what makes this island so special and our experience of it, why did we enjoy our time here as much as we did? To sum it up:
• The best beach parties at La Plancha
• Always smiling Fais, our ice guy who became a dear friend
• Putu, our lovely cleaning lady, who Iris always had so much fun with
• Our two Honda Vario’s, they gave us freedom and brought us everywhere we wanted to go
• Yeni and Ella, the sweetest girls in Bali, we are so happy to have met you
• Samson, our always friendly and great beachboy, who would go out of his way to make us happy
• Ronaldgang, the best band in Indonesia :-)
• Chalie and Roger playing their tunes at Cow bar
• The most amazing rice-fields you can imagine
• Deep rooted and very old jungles and rainforest
• The hard hard rain downpours, which makes you just laugh
• Ibu Made Janurine who was always willing to show us important Balinese ceremonies and culture
• Pak Goesde, Rino’s GM, who liked to share everything about Balinese business live
• All colleagues at Puri Saron who were always so friendly to Rino
• Our Italian house boss Jacopo, who simply just sucks in FlightControl ;-)
• The great snorkelling spots all around the island
• The best place to learn surfing and the best place to watch and spot the pro surfers
• Warung Sobat, our favourite place to eat with the best price-quality in the world and onion rings that Rino will dream about for the rest of his life
• Sari Organic, the most beautiful place in Bali to eat with lovely lovely organic food and drinks
➢ The openness and friendliness
➢ The fascinating religion
➢ The balance and awareness about good and bad
➢ The honesty and trustworthy
➢ The wisdom
➢ Their innocence
➢ Taking it slow and mellow with everything, meaning never having any sort of stress
• Climbing the mother –and holy mountain Gunung Agung, with all the spirits which you can really feel and experience
• 30-40-50 meters waterfalls
• White, black, grey and yellow sand beaches
• The FOOD!!!
• Ubud, the cultural hart of the island
• The kids, teenagers and teacher at Sjaki
• The hiking trips
• The arts and crafts
• The cheapness
• The shopping
• Feeling safe everywhere
• The ceremonies!!!

Probably we have a lot more things that made Bali so special, we have to let it all sink in and we will realize what these 10 months really did to us! <3

Thank you Bali, thank you people and we will see you again some day! :-)

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  1. Lieve Iris en Rino,

    Wat heb ik veel aan jullie gedacht de afgelopen dagen. Afscheid nemen van Bali, van 10 maanden een leven zoals jullie nooit meer krijgen. Maar wel een leven waar jullie altijd met speciale herinneringen en gevoelens op terugkijken met onwijs mooie foto's!. En nu nog een reis voor de boeg ..................
    Heel veel plezier de komende weken en tot snel in Brussel (waar wij wel naar uitkijken maar jullie minder, denk ik).

    Lieve groet, Elsz