Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Last visit & bye bye party

Sitting here in the bus from Cameron highlands to Penang, looking out on beautiful coconut trees and Malaysian sunset, thinking back on Bali and our goodbyes…

The last weeks were different than usual, Rino was practically finished, we were packing for the shipping of our stuff and we slowly started to plan our travel and we had a fantastic goodbye party! Especially our last week was fully packed with appointments and plans. Judith, our friend from Groningen, who’s traveling in Indonesia, was visiting us for a couple of days just before we left. She joined our bye bye party and Iris went one day with her to Ubud, for the last time.
Angeline and Berry, the friends Iris volunteered with at Sjaki, were in Bali again for a couple of weeks. It was so good to see them again and meet up a couple of times.
The rest of the week was packing and planning and doing the last shopping before the boxes were closed for shipping to Norway. The boxes (1 cubic meter) are now nicely packed and are going to be shipped to Oslo, where we can pick it up when we arrive in Oslo in august. It will be like Christmas Eve when we unpack them again! :-)

Our boxes :-)

The bye bye Bali party!
We had planned a bye bye party with Samson on the beach, this way we could invite everybody, included some of our friends with less to spend. The beach is also our main hangout spot in the afternoons so it was natural to give the party there. Samson was the happy boss and could earn some extra money this evening, as well as joining some fun with us of course! :-) We picked up Indonesian food on the street and we shared arak with everyone as well as beer. It became a memorable and very cosy and fun evening with a good mix of our new and not so new friends here in Bali. It simply couldn’t be better! It was so much fun that we never wanted the night to end. Together with the small group that stayed till the end with us, we went to Cow bar and had the usual fabulous fun there with jamming, singing and talking! We had to leave the bar at a certain time and we STILL didn’t want the night to end. The beach with a beer, a guitar, good musicians and gooood company was the solution, we sang old love songs and enjoyed the moment until the dawn broke through and we finally went happy and fulfilled to our beds to sleep. <3

The last day!
The last day we really had to say our goodbyes to the last people. We had promised to come to the beach and see Samson and of course Fais, so a quick visit to the beach and some minutes melancholic walking in the sand and water and we said goodbye! Rino still went by work to shake some hands and he still got a present :-) We had planned to have our last lunch at Warung Sobat, our absolute favourite on Bali where we have been 2 times a week for the last 9 months. Rino eat more onions rings than he could bare and we even got them for free since it was our last time ;-) The lunch we enjoyed with Carla and Vincent. Now the very sad moment came to deliver our beloved scooters. We kissed them goodbye and headed of to pick up our backpacks and leave the magic island. Putu, our housekeeper was the absolute hardest to say goodbye to, she cried and begged us to stay, it was such an emotional moment and we promised to keep in touch! And of we were and the Bali chapter came to an end….. The new one may begin!

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  1. Ik zette net een reactie onder een foto maar dat had onder dit verslag moeten staan.
    Wat een emotioneel verslag is jullie afscheid van het eiland.

    Lieve groet, Elsz