Friday, February 18, 2011

Wild Water Rafting :-)

Saturday we have been rafting in the Telaga Waja River. Sevti (Rino’s colleague) had arranged the trip for us. We were picked up at 8am and after an hour search (typical non planning Balinese mentality) for the resort of our two fellow rafters we headed up to the starting point in the East of Bali. Nyoman our guide gave us instructions and of we went. Main instructions:
“Bamboo” lean backwards to avoid getting hit by a bamboo bridge
“Boomboom” hold tight and don’t fall out of the raft, we will crash!!!
…and sometimes “Bamboo Boomboom” hold tight, don’t fall out and lean backwards we will crash and will hit our head :-)

It was a two hours ride 12 km down through beautiful nature and spectacular flowing passages. The complete ride ended with a 5 meter jump down a waterfall :-). We definitely had an experienced guide as we passed many other boats. Overall the ride was full of adrenaline, laughter with our nice company and perfect weather.

After the ride we were starving, but had to climb up many stairs before we came to lunch place. The lunch was included and we all enjoyed it very much. We were brought home safely by our friendly driver. For this complete package we only needed to pay Rp 180.000 (€15/Kr120) per person (thanks Sevti) :-)

The final 5 meter jump before the finish line :-)

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