Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dengue Fever

The fun
It has been a while since our last blog post. The weekend after Iris returned from Singapore we stayed at home and on Sunday we went to the Waterbom Park in Kuta, which is a very touristic but fun park with many water slides. We like these kind of parks, because you can act as a child again, especially the CLIMAX water slide, where you are standing on a ledge that at a certain moment just disappears under your foot, was a huge adrenaline kick. On the Friday before, Iris had an extended lunch with Carla, an Indonesian friend we once met at one of the concerts of Ronaldgang. Together with her boyfriend we had diner in Cafe Bali, one of the better and restaurants in this area (see here Rino’s review). We had a great evening with Carla and Vincent and look forward to spend some more time with them.

The next Thursday we gat to see how small the world can be. In Singapore Iris was hanging out with a group op different travellers, also Monaliza, a Swedish girl. By crazy coincidence we were eating at the same tiny, cheap warung in a unknown back alley here in Bali. After some chit-chat Iris and Mona-Liza exchanged phone numbers and we met again the day after for a party at La Planche, a very cool beach bar/lounge in front of Rino’s hotel. Together we had a good time this evening and we enjoyed going out partying again for once, we don’t do that so often.

No more fun
The next morning Iris woke-up with a huge headache and soon she also got a fever. This day we had planned to go to a yogathon and another full moon celebratioin organized by Desa Seni, the village resort Iris does her yoga. But unfortunately Iris was not getting any better and we stayed at home. The yogathon was also a pre-party to a big yoga festival, which is in Ubud at the moment, the Bali Spirit festival. Iris had applied as a volunteer and was looking forward to work there. The next day the fever unfortunately rose up to 39 degrees. We soon thought of going to the doctor, but the Balinese doctors are not always really to be trusted, so Iris wanted to wait a little while.

After a couple of days with changing temperatures we finally decided to go and see a doctor on Wednesday. We were advised to go to one of the international hospital, as they have international service. The doctor Iris saw was very professional and he did a thorough examination. He concluded that Iris her blood needed to be tested against several diseases, including Dengue fever and Malaria. Yesterday evening Iris already got the results back and unfortunately Iris has Dengue fever.

Dengue fever is a virus which is spread by the infected dengue mosquito. The virus has four levels and luckily Iris has one of the milder levels. Until now there is no cure or medicine for dengue fever, you just have to rest and wait until it gets over. At the moment Iris still has a low fever (around the 38 degrees) and is very weak. She sleeps most parts of the day and is hardly able to do anything else than laying down on the bed or couch. She also is supposed to only rest and do nothing more, drink a lot and wait till it gets better. The doctor says dengue can take 7-10 days, but how long you will be weak is not sure. She is really ‘sick’ of it, as she would be volunteering at the Bali Spirit Festival. Tomorrow we are going back to the hospital and they will do more blood tests. As far as we know Iris can stay at home as long as it doesn’t get any worse. Every other day we have to go to the hospital for new blood checks. Tomorrow is also Iris her 7th day, so we hope she will improve from that moment.


  1. lieve Iris, ja, dan moet je dat ook meemaken helaas ! Ik hoop dat het wat beter gaat en dat de bloedproef betere waardes heeft morgen. Ik probeer te bellen morgen. Tot dan en heel veel beterschap en sterkte !!

  2. it was a super nice extended eating outing. :D we should do it again soon. we are avoiding parties at the moment, but looking forward to other types of gathering.