Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Planning new adventures!

As we say in Dutch ‘the bullet is through the church’ we have booked our journey out of Bali. Of course we still have three months on Bali left to enjoy paradise, but flight tickets get expensive quickly so we had to make some plans for our trip. Our flight back to Belanda, I mean the Netherlands, is on the 28th of July from Bangkok and Rino’s internship finishes on the 1st of July. We look forward to travel south-east Asia, so we decided to hit the road already a few hours after Rino finishes his last day. We will also celebrate our second anniversary on the 2nd of July and we would like to do something special of course. We now have booked two flights, one from Bali to Kuala Lumpur and one 12 days later from Phuket (Thailand) to Udon Thani (Thailand) near the border of Laos. So we have planned to travel parts of Malaysia, south Thailand, Laos and finishing with Bangkok and its surroundings.

But first we still have lots to look forward to in the coming months with many visits and hopefully loads of trips around the island. At the moment we are in a quieter period with Iris her dengue fever and we are saving money for the visits. So it has been nice for us to talk and plan about our trip in July. Especially Rino is looking forward to that time as he then finally finishes his internship and hopefully graduates. ‘The last mile is the longest’, this definitely counts for his internship.

Iris is making good progress in recovering from dengue fever and is feeling better every day. The energy is slowly coming back and the blood levels are back to normal. She only has to come back to the hospital to check her liver functions. She slowly builds up energy as the virus really cuts into your immune system. We are using more of the mosquito spray nowadays, as we now know what a terrible virus this is.


  1. hallo Iris en Rino, goed te lezen dat alles weer op orde is en de energie om dingen te gaan doen en te plannen. Hopenlijk zijn de leverfunkties ook gauw normaal. Hier viel vanavond weer een hoop sneeuw, zodat het weer wit is. In Nederland schijnt het overmorgen 25 graden te worden, ja ja ! Ik ga dit weekend dansen op Nesodden zaterdag en zondag. Leuk om er weer even uit te komen. Ik wens jullie alle goeds en tot bels ! liefs van mij

  2. Hallo Iris en Rino,

    Ik heb weer eens even de tijd genomen jullie blog te lezen. Natuurlijk al het meeste gehoord door de telefoon.
    Jullie vooruitzichten zien er weer goed uit! Have fun, Els