Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sarah's Bali memories

Sarah has been so sweet to write us a guest blog about her Bali experience. We are happy to share it with you! :-) Here we go:

It is now two and a half week ago I came home from visiting Iris and Rino in Bali. I still think about the island every day… Bali has it all!
When I arrived I noticed that everything is so green (and I didn’t see that much of Bali yet)! There are palm trees at the airport, beautiful flowers are growing outside, which you can only see in man-made botanic gardens in the Netherlands, blue sky and really nice heat. The heat on Bali is a really nice one, it is really warm, not as sticky and muggy as the heat in the Netherlands.
I didn’t mind that I was completely wet and sweaty when we arrived at Iris and Rino’s, because WTF I’M IN BALI!!!

The beaches in Bali are beautiful! Even the Seminyak beach is NOT the same (no Iris, it is not the same!) as a beach in the Netherlands or in any European country! There are many different kind of beaches in Bali; beaches with dark sand and high waves, beaches with fine white sand and really calm water, beaches with fine white sand and the most beautiful blue-green water you have ever seen, beaches with lovely fishermen boats and ‘never-ending’ swimming pools... do I have to go on? The sea is never too cold to swim in, but always a nice refreshment after laying in the warm sun for a couple of hours or playing tennis at the beach. And hell yeah, I’m good at playing tennis at the beach! ;)
As said the nature in Bali is so green! There are many different kinds of tropical trees, plants and flowers I never saw before. Everywhere you go you see palm trees in all kinds of forms, heights and with different kinds of fruit in it. The palm trees gave me the ultimate holiday feeling!
The small yellow and white flowers you see everywhere on Bali are so beautiful! Iris called them prefect and I think she is kind of right! Besides all the beautiful natural vegetation, you have the Balinese rice fields. Wow, they are stunning!! All the different kinds of green, young rice is intense green, older rice is more yellow-green. It was so nice to drive and walk through it! I saw rice fields before in Nepal, but the Balinese fields won by far!
One of the fine things about the Balinese nature is, that it is not only lovely and sumptuously beautiful, but it can also be rough and raw beautiful! One weekend we climbed mount Agung, the highest and most sacred mountain of Bali. The walk up (and the walk down as well) were tough, but so worth it! The first part up was vegetated, with a lot of trees and plants, the second part were only stones, sand and rocks. And when we arrived at the top at 6 in the morning (full of adrenaline, we made it we made it we made it AAHHH!!) we saw a beautiful sun rise! What a fantastic experience was that!!

The Balinese culture and people are so nice. Bali is the only Hindu island of Indonesia, the rest of the islands are mostly Muslim. The way they practice Hinduism is different than other Hindu countries. They’ve add some part of Buddhism into their way of practicing Hinduism, what makes them really open-minded to other people, cultures and religions. They bring offerings all day, for good and bad spirits, for family, neighbors and tourists, for good business, a wealthy harvest, for everything! Every morning Rino and Iris’ neighbors bring an offer for them, so sweet!

I can go one for ages writing down all the good things about Bali. I can write about the delicious food, about a 2 hour all-you-can-drink for 5 euro, about beach parties and peeing in the sea, about all the shopping you can do in Bali (shopping in Bali is really dangerous, everything is so nice and cheap, you want to buy everything! I think Iris and I became addicts...), about driving scooter with or without lots of goods, about swimming pools with the best sea view of the world, about watching the sunset when you lay on your sun bed, thinking about how good you life is...

But I think the best part of being in Bali was seeing Rino and Iris again! It was so nice to see them again, after such a long time and find out that they are luckily exactly the same as 8 months ago!
Dank je wel voor alles lieve schatten!!

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